The Agricultural Cooperative of Naoussa (A.C.N) is perhaps the only organization in the country that can claim it fully controls the production procedure and the agricultural care each of its members implements in every farm, from planting on to harvesting and packaging. The reason is that the Agricultural Cooperative of Naoussa feels obliged to support its reputation and identity as a body producing and marketing fruit of the highest quality through a Certified Integrated Production Management System to ensure the safety, hygiene and quality of its products but also the protection of the unique natural environment of the area.

The main objects of the activities undertaken by the Agricultural Cooperative of Naoussa are:

  • to organize and control the production of high quality fruit, each producer working closely together with an expertly trained agronomist department,
  • to ensure collection and quality control by experts and accredited labs, as well as to store products, such as peaches, apples, cherries, pears, plums, quince, lotus and kiwi, under appropriate conditions until the time they are marketed,
  • to organize multifaceted commercial and export activities, fully covering the quality needs of the Greek and international markets.
  • Accordingly, each year it develops an integrated network of actions on marketing and advertising, thus achieving more direct communication with consumers and enhancing the image of its products